Miu Miu Inspired Black Swallows by Olive Oil Lady via flickr
Miu Miu Inspired Black Swallows by Olive Oil Lady via flickr

So you have it all planned … all paid for and you are counting down the days until the Wedding Day itself. You’ve bought everyone that has helped a gift …. but should the Bride and Groom buy each other Wedding Presents? Some Brides expect to receive a little gift on the morning of the Wedding but what do you buy?

Something to keep
As the bride, you could buy your Groom a pair of stunning cufflinks that he can treasure forever and wear on your Wedding Day. It allows you to spend what you can afford but will mean that you really can get something for him that is very special.As the Groom, looking for a gift for your bride, a necklace to wear on the big day could be perfect. Remember that you have to make that all important gold, silver or platinum choice first but you can’t do wrong with a diamond pendant necklace. Where the little box can be presented to her on the morning of the Wedding Day and will come as a big surprise … it’ll definitely earn you brownie points!

Something lavish for the home
If you’re not into giving little presents to each think about something lavish for your home for both of you to enjoy. If you haven’t got a dishwasher it can be a great break for both of you. Or what about a toaster where you can both have your own ‘toasting’ settings – a definite must to avoid any post wedding arguments! For other small household items, electricals are a great idea!

Or what about a softer approach? A welcoming bedspread or crisp white sheets … an absolute must for any newlyweds!

Boys Toys
If you’re after different ideas and options for your man to capture that boyish spirit then look at experience-based gifts; hovercrafting, paintballing, zorbing… appropriate for the man that has everything! Just make sure you’re not duplicating the stag do activities – check with the best man.

Or maybe you’d like to send her a big big bunch of flowers on the morning of the big day? Put something romantic on the card …. surrounded by bridesmaids and those people helping her get ready, they’ll all say ‘ahhh’ and might even cry!

Whatever you decide, it doesn’t have to be hugely expensive, remember …. its the thought that counts!

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